Ask the Telepass Europeo experts

In this section you will find a series of questions and answers collected along all our events in the area to present the advantages of adopting a single Telepass Europeo for your fleet: your hauliers will thank you!

Topics most requested by road hauliers:

I am a private individual, I do not have a company, can I activate the service?

If you are a private individual and want to sign a contract for your car, your camper, your motorbike, we invite you to visit the official Telepass website directly and/or to go in person to a Punto Blu. There are many of them all over the National territory!

If I lose my Telepass, what should I do?

Contact us, we will take care of the immediate block and any replacement.

If I change supplier, do I have to replace the equipment?

If you have Italian Telepass with Autostrade, we can make the transfer without replacing the devices. For Telepass SAT and Telepass EU, the devices must be replaced, but we will be able to support you to do so as soon as possible.

If I activate the Telepass SAT or the Telepass EU, will Telepass Italia remain active?

You will have a single device to travel on the Italian motorway network, without ever stopping! Telepass Italia can then be returned to the previous supplier for cancellation.

How long does it take to receive the devices?

Upon signing the contract, it will take approximately 4-5 working days to receive your Telepass. For additional requests, 2-3 days will be sufficient. However, we will do our best to equip your vehicle as soon as possible!

How much can I save with the European Telepass through VIALTIS?

Thanks to VIALTIS, you can save time and money! We take care of the complete management of your requests, guaranteeing the maximum discounts granted by the motorway networks and the maximum refunds from the tax and customs administrations.

How much does the Telepass cost?

For information on costs, contact us. We will send you a targeted quotation for your company.

Not all trucks in my fleet travel to Europe, is it still convenient for me to activate the service?

Of course yes, with us you can study the best solutions for your fleet, choosing which countries to enable on the equipment.

Do I have to equip all my vehicles with the same device?

No, contact us, we can offer a customization of the service according to your needs!

Do I have to configure the devices myself?

No, you will receive the devices already set up with the vehicle to be equipped.

How are Telepass installed on the truck?

For the Telepass EU and the Telepass italy, no installation is required. The Telepass SAT can be connected to the cigarette lighter or to the electronic circuit of the truck at a workshop.

How do i receive the equipment? Do I have to go to the Punto Blu?

No, the devices will be sent by express courier to the shipping address that you will indicate in the contract.

How is foreign VAT recovered?

The services and goods on which you can get a VAT refund vary from country to country and the VAT legislation changes constantly, but as a VIALTIS customer you don’t have to worry about all this! VIALTIS provides complete management of all your VAT requests, from deposit to refund, in 32 countries.

How can I activate the service?

Start by filling out the form to be contacted by one of our experts, to understand and meet your needs.

Is there a minimum of devices to request?

No, we can also provide the service for a single truck of your fleet or to owner-driver or independent carrier.

Who can I contact after activating the service, is there an after-sales service?

We are at your complete disposal for any clarification before, during and after the activation of the service.

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