Telepass Italy

From South Tyrol to Sicily

Telepass is a modern, quick and convenient solution also for road hauliers moving in Italy. In addition to managing all motorway tolls, it allows you to receive the maximum discounts provided by the Ministry of Transport.

Main features

  • Maximum discounts provided by the Ministry
  • Parking included
  • Strait of Messina
  • Area C in Milan
  • Telepass Premium Truck option.

FAQs about Telepass Italia:

Can I use the same Telepass Italia on several vehicles?

In order to obtain motorway discounts, each Telepass must be combined with a single number plate and Euro standard.

Can I pay the Fréjus/M. Blanc Tunnel with Telepass Italia?

No, the electronic toll is not provided. For the passage to the Fréjus Tunnel and the Mont Blanc Tunnel, there is a special card that Vialtis can provide you with.

Can I change the number plate on the Italian Telepass?

Of course, it is sufficient to inform us of the license plate and Euro standard of the new vehicle or to send us the vehicle registration document.

My Telepass Italy is out of power, what should I do?

Just inform us by e-mail, we will immediately send a replacement by courier, waiting to receive back the defective one, which must be returned within 30 days.

I have a unpaid toll ticket, what should I do?

Contact us! Depending on the motorway network that issued the ticket, we will be able to tell you the procedure for debiting it on our invoicing.

I have Italian Telepass with Autostrade, do I have to replace them?

No, we can transfer your Italian telepasses, without replacing the devices.

What can I pay with Telepass Italia?

With Telepass Italia you can pay tolls in Italy, affiliated car parks in Italy, Area C in Milan and the Strait of Messina ferries. By adding the Premium Truck service for heavy vehicles, you can also benefit from vehicle-breakdown services, assistance and advance on vehicle repair costs.

How can I get discounts on Italian motorway tolls?

Just register for free with the FDE Consortium to obtain the maximum discounts granted by the Ministry.