Trucks with a gross-weight over 3.5 tons and Bus with more than 8 passenger seats can pay tolls in Bulgaria with one single Telepass device, covering also other European countries. Let’s have a look at the requirements for transport companies and at all the advantages for those who decide to sign a contract with TelepassEuropeo.it and Vialtis.

Vehicles > 3,5 tons

Highways and toll roads

Bus (with more than 8 seats)

Highways and toll roads


Highways and toll roads
Digital Vignette

The vignette can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or just for the weekend. It can be purchased:

  • On Internet at the following link www.bgtoll.bg
  • Via the BGTOLL mobile application
  • Through the self-service terminals at the points of sale and in the offices of the Road Infrastructure Agency
  • At the tills of the points of sale and at the regional offices of the Road Infrastructure Agency

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All the reliability of a European group like Vialtis

  • VAT recovery in normal, financed or 48h mode
  • Geolocation, Fleet Management and download of tachograph data through the K-MASTER service (Telepass SAT)
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Ferries and Trains booking, with more than 30 years of experience and 1200 routes in Europe
  • A single trusted interlocutor, for all your needs

FAQs for those travelling in Bulgaria

What can I pay with the Telepass SAT?

With the Telepass SAT you can pay:

  • tolls in Italy, France, Belgium (including the Liefkenshoek Tunnel), Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary (prepaid), section A4 Katowice / Krakow (postpaid) and the routes operated by KAS (prepaid) in Poland. Further countries will be added soon, such as German tunnels (Rostock and Lübeck), Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic;
  • affiliated car parks in Italy, France and Spain;
  • Strait of Messina ferries;
  • ferries in Norway (with the Norwegian companies Bastø Fosen AS, Fjord1 ASA, Torghatten Nord AS and ATB).

With the Telepass SAT you can also take advantage of the K-MASTER service for geolocation, fleet management and the download and analysis of tachograph data.

By adding the Premium Truck service for heavy vehicles, you can also benefit from vehicle-breakdown services, assistance and advance vehicle repair costs.

How can I pay the toll in Bulgaria with VIALTIS?

With VIALTIS, you can pay the toll in Bulgaria via the Telepass SAT, if you have a heavy vehicle or a bus with more than 8 seats.

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