In Croatia the motorway toll is provided for all vehicles and is calculated based on the km traveled and the category of the vehicle. The Telepass device is not active, but transport companies can find here the main information concerning not only tolls, but also all the other services offered by and Vialtis.

Vehicles > 3,5 tons

Highways and toll roads


Highways and toll roads

Vehicle categories

The toll is collected at the toll gate and can be paid:

  • by cash in Croatian Kuna (HRK);
  • by cash in € if the user is not a resident of Croatia (the exchange rate used will be the one in effect on the day of payment of the toll);
  • by debit, credit, fuel cards and other services, if the toll gate has a visible sign of acceptance;
  • by an ETC (electronic toll collection) OBU device that can be collected at HAC points of sale

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