The heavy vehicles that have to move along the motorways in Greece have the possibility of traveling with a single device , valid for the whole of Greek motorway network. The Telepass device is not yet active – although we know that accreditation is scheduled – but in the meantime Vialtis can provide you with the TRUCKPOINT device in prepaid mode , optionally also valid in Serbia! Let’s see what the requirements are for road haulage companies and all the advantages for those who decide to sign a contract with and Vialtis.

Vehicles > 3,5 tons


TRUCKPOINT device (in prepay mode) New!

Activate TRUCKPOINT in a few days and start saving immediately!

  • A single device for traveling on the entire motorway network
  • No queues at toll booths, green light with TRUCKPOINT!
  • Discounts reserved for our customers
  • VAT 24%, fully recoverable through Vialtis
  • A single invoice, which includes all transits on the various motorways
  • Free online platform to verify all transactions

All the reliability of a European group like Vialtis

  • A single device for traveling on the entire Greek motorway network
  • VAT recovery
  • Ferry and train booking, with more than 30 years of experience and 1200 routes in Europe
  • A single trusted interlocutor to turn to for all your needs

FAQs for those travelling in Greece

Which Greek motorways does the TRUCKPOINT device cover?

The TRUCKPOINT device is valid for the entire motorway network in Greece: Aegean Motorway, Attiki Odos, Moreas, Olympia, Gefyra bridge, Nea Odos, Kentriki Odos, Egnatia Odos.

How can I pay the toll in Greece with VIALTIS?

With VIALTIS, you can pay the toll in Greece via the TRUCKPOINT device in prepaid mode, optionally also covering Serbia.

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