The obligation to pay tolls for motorways, tunnels and bridges in Greece applies to all motor vehicles from motorcycles to vehicles weighing above 3,5 tons. The Telepass device is not yet active in Greece – but we know is planned-, in the meantime, transport companies can find here the main information which concern not only tolls, but also all other services offered by and Vialtis.

Vehicles > 3,5 tons

Highways and toll roads

The toll rate varies according to the category of the vehicle, calculated according to the number of axles and the height, and can be paid at the toll gate by cash, credit card or using an OBU provided directly by the Greek road networks. Each motorway network provides its OBU under the conditions laid down in its commercial policy.

Users can choose the OBU that best meets their needs, depending on where they live, the road network they use more often, as well as any discounts. Below is the list of road networks and their contacts:

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