Heavy goods vehicles can pay tolls in Hungary with one single Telepass device, covering also other European countries. Let’s have a look at the requirements for road transport companies and at all the advantages for those who decide to sign a contract with and Vialtis.

Heavy commercial vehicles > 3,5 tons

Motorways / Toll roads

Mandatory electronic toll

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Activate Telepass Europeo in a few days and start saving immediately!

  • A single device to travel on the entire motorway network, without ever stopping.
  • With the mandatory HU-GO BOX device, you can travel freely on the toll-free network in Hungary and make your trips smoother and less time-consuming, avoiding fines

All the reliability of a European group like Vialtis

  • If you already have a HU-GO BOX device, Vialtis can switch your device without replacing it
  • VAT recovery in normal, financed or 48h mode
  • Refund of excise duty on diesel oil
  • Digital report of your daily transactions, on MyVialtis
  • Electronic invoicing
  • A single trusted interlocutor, for all your needs

FAQs for those travelling in Hungary

How can I pay the toll in Hungary with VIALTIS?

With VIALTIS, you can pay the toll in Hungary via Telepass SAT (in prepaid mode) or via HU-GO BOX (in postpaid mode).

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