Trucks can pay tolls and bridges in Norway with one single Telepass device, covering also other European countries. Let’s have a look at the requirements for road transport companies and at all the advantages for those who decide to sign a contract with and Vialtis.

Vehicles > 3,5 tons

Highways, toll roads and bridges


They do not pay toll roads, only bridges

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Activate the European Telepass in a few days and start saving immediately!

  • With Telepass SAT, you have a single device to travel on the entire motorway network without ever stopping,. I also allows you to pay for bridges: Great Belt Bridge (Storebælt Bridge) and Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge (Kronprinsesse Marys Bro) in Denmark, Øresund Bridge which connects Denmark (Copenhagen) and Sweden (Malmö) and Svinesund Bridge which connects Sweden and Norway
  • You can also pay for ferries with Norwegian companies Bastø Fosen AS, Fjord1 ASA, Torghatten Nord AS and ATB.
  • Geolocation, Fleet Management and download of tachograph data through the K-MASTER service (Telepass SAT)

Things you need to remember when traveling to Norway:

  • To ensure the detection of the box, in Norway, Denmark and Sweden you must always use the automatic lanes of toll stations, bridges, ferries: in Denmark and Sweden you must choose the lanes with the green “BroBizz / AutoBizz / EasyGo” sign.

All the reliability of a European group like Vialtis

  • VAT recovery in normal, financed or 48h mode
  • Ferry booking, with more than 30 years of experience and 1200 routes in Europe
  • Digital report of your transactions, on MyVialtis
  • Electronic invoicing
  • A single trusted interlocutor, to all your needs

FAQs for those travelling in Norway

What can I pay with the Telepass SAT?

With the Telepass SAT you can pay:

  • tolls in Italy, France, Belgium (including the Liefkenshoek Tunnel), Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary (prepaid), section A4 Katowice / Krakow (postpaid) and the routes operated by KAS (prepaid) in Poland. Further countries will be added soon, such as German tunnels (Rostock and Lübeck), Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic;
  • affiliated car parks in Italy, France and Spain;
  • Strait of Messina ferries;
  • ferries in Norway (with the Norwegian companies Bastø Fosen AS, Fjord1 ASA, Torghatten Nord AS and ATB).

With the Telepass SAT you can also take advantage of the K-MASTER service for geolocation, fleet management and the download and analysis of tachograph data.

By adding the Premium Truck service for heavy vehicles, you can also benefit from vehicle-breakdown services, assistance and advance vehicle repair costs.

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