Road haulage companies and/or rescue providers that mobilize to send aid to the Turkish population affected by the earthquake, can find here the main information concerning not only the services offered by TelepassEuropeo.it and Vialtis, but also the Turkish toll network. In Turkey, all vehicles driving on highways and bridges cannot pay the toll with cash or credit card, but must be registered with the HGS (Hızlı Geçiş Sistemi) automatic toll system and equipped with an HGS (Fast Passing System) electronic chip sticker or an OGS (Automatic Passing System) on-board unit.
The Telepass device is therefore not active in this country.
Toll roads include most highways, bridges and tunnels located over them, leading from the western borders to the capital Ankara and further southeast.

The HGS sticker can be purchased at Turkish PTT post offices, authorized gas stations and bank branches, and the payment method is prepaid. You can download the HGS application on Google Play and Apple Store. With the HGS app, you can check the balance on your HGS account and top it up using a credit card.
The HGS tag is not transferable, it is intended for a single vehicle.
in case of non-payment of the toll, there are 15 days to subscribe to the HGS system or deposit a sufficient balance to the existing HGS account.

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