United Kingdom

United Kingdom

All trucks with a minimum weight of 12 tonnes must pay the HGV LEVY tax, before entering UK territory. The Telepass device is not active in UK, but transport companies can find here the main information concerning not only tolls, but also all the other services offered by TelepassEuropeo.it and Vialtis.

Heavy commercial vehicles ≥ 12 tons

Highways and toll roads

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Activate Multiservice “Vialtis Tolls Card” in a few days and start saving immediately!

  • You can pay the HGV LEVY tax on the website, through Multiservice “Vialtis Tolls Card”
  • It is not mandatory to create a profile, you can click on “pay without registering”, enter the required data about the truck and make the payment through our Multiservice “Vialtis Tolls Card” card (you will have to select the “fuel card” payment method and then “Multi service tolls”).

All the reliability of a European group like Vialtis

  • Vialtis offers you the MULTISERVICE card: simple, flexible and independent. A single card to purchase toll payment methods in: Switzerland, England (HGV LEVY), Slovenia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia and Hungary.
  • VAT recovery in normal, financed or 48h mode
  • Booking ferries, with more than 30 years of experience and 1200 routes in Europe
  • Digital report of your transactions, on MyVialtis
  • Electronic invoicing
  • A single trusted interlocutor, for all your needs

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