We are Vialtis

VIALTIS is a totally independent group, dedicated to offering solutions to international transport and logistics companies, with high quality standards, excellent and reliable service and highly competent employees.

Our 10 offices in Europe
10 offices in Europe
21 languages ​​spoken
150 employees
Active in 43 countries
30 years of experience
+20 professional partners

The values ​​of the VIALTIS group

  • Responsibility: in finding the best solution for customers and partners, focusing on quality, efficiency and performance.
  • Communication: honest, clear and transparent with customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Respect: for customers, partners, colleagues and their needs, for every task entrusted to us and for the agreements made.
  • Cooperation: with team spirit, we work together for the benefit of our customers, partners, colleagues and the company’s profits. Mutual trust, recognition, pride in our work and common achievements contribute to effective cooperation in VIALTIS.
  • Development: constant on services and on employee skills. Employees are responsible for the company’s success, which is why we focus on commitment, motivation and innovation.